Future Horizons into view Today

Scape Agency is a spatial innovation collective that dreams, discovers and designs the everyday of tomorrow. We blend design thinking with emerging technologies to create a brighter perspective for people and planet. Our products and services naturalise technology in liveable and sustainable –scapes that spark the imagination and inspire future generations.

What we do

Scape Agency develops and delivers inspirational views, artistic visions, smart strategies and integrated designs for tomorrows world. We’ve developed a clear four stage process that brings the future horizons of our clients into view today.

Platforms to stand on. We identify and research the potential of emerging technologies and initiate strategic partnerships for our clients.

Points on the horizon. We design and develop new spatial products and services for these technologies to open up new prospects and markets for our clients.

Perspectives to the future. We engineer and build tech demonstrators and art installations to validate the technology readiness level of these products and services and generate public engagement.

Paths towards success. We create and unleash new marketable products and services, develop brand strategies and manage their supply chains.

Scape Agency has set up innovation platforms in nanotechnology, synthetic biology, advanced optics, artificial intelligence, extended reality and robotic fabrication. Through these platforms we realise projects with our partners and clients in unity, using a concurrent design methodology that brings these multidisciplinary teams together. This parametric process allows us to govern measurable actionable results early on, minimise errors in later stages and reduce overall time and resources required.

Who we are

Our core team ensures continuity from conception to commercialisation. We believe sustainable success is only found in unison. Our core is compact, experienced, highly dedicated and forms the backbone of our projects. For each project we handpick the best possible team. A team we select from our extensive network of passionate and talented artists, designers, engineers and scientists. All these agents work with a common vision and determination that together we can create a better and brighter future through design.