Bright Biotechnology

Cyan Biotechnology started from a general curiosity for innovative lighting solutions and its potential to create a better world. Combining the passion to create beautiful things with cutting edge technology and nature. All while focussing on the greater goal; to get the future horizons into view today.

So, we took the innovative technique and explored the possibility of using very specific light wavelengths to stimulate the growth of certain micro-organisms.

Micro-organisms have a great potential in many different sectors. They are in high demand and growing them responsible and quickly is a challenge we gladly take on.

Cyan Biotechnology offers a responsible and highly effective way to grow micro-organisms fast. We created a prototype for a photobioreactor that uses this new lighting technology. The prototypes show and prove that our initial hunch was correct. The potential is two-fold;

Using far less energy than conventional methods for stimulating growth.
Creating a light recipe catered to a specific micro-organism making it far more effective.

The prototypes were demonstrated during several presentations and triggered very positive feedback from scientists, artists as well as from commercial parties.

Scape Agency and her partners will continue to develop this project and we will keep you posted on the progress we make.


  • Applied Research
  • Biodesign
  • Fundamental Research
  • Product Design
  • Technology Development
  • Arthur Kroon  | Researcher
  • Erik Swaagstra  | Designer
  • Lars van Vianen  | Innovator
  • Ongoing
  • Technical Development  | 2019-11 - Now
  • Design Development  | 2019-07 - 2019-11
  • Concept Development  | 2018-01 - 2019-07
  • Biodesign
  • Microbiology
  • Photobiology
  • Photonics


Scape Agency at ESA Space Resources Week 2019

Scape Agency joined the first Space Resources Week in Luxembourg to explore Solar System sustainability and limit costly transport of resources from Earth.