Scape Agency selected for Dutch Design Week 2020

In April the jury selected the four winners of the What If Lab: Circular Stations. Due to the high level of the concepts not three but four participants got chosen for the next phase.

Over the next few weeks the winners will develop their concepts further and present them to all parties... A delegation of NS Station, ProRail, Bureau Spoorbouwmeester and What if Lab will decide who will be able to get the change to present their design at Dutch Design Week.

Scape Agency was one of the winners. Scape Agency presented the concept of bio receptive stations. These stations will become CO2 converters in the future. Upcycled cross beams are transformed into modular building elements. These elements are unique in their composition as they actually stimulate the growth of microbial ecosystems. Moss and algae will grow on the modular blocks and concert CO2 and contribute to a green and healthy living environment of tomorrow.

In the end they decided to let all four winners present at Dutch Design Week. In the coming weeks they will decide how the designs are presented. We will keep you posted!