Scape explores Northern Lights in Lapland

Experiencing the Northern Lights was on the top of our wish list. We were blown away by this phenomenon and were very lucky to see it in all its splendour.

We are fascinated by nature and natural phenomena and like to go see them with our own eyes as much as we can. At the top of our wish list was a visit to go experience the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. And we did! We travelled to Lapland in Sweden to the village of Bjökliden, 250 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle. It is a small classic Swedish town situated between mountains.

It’s a perfect place to experience the Northern Lights as there are a lot of places without any interfering artificial lights. We were very lucky to see this magnificent phenomena on almost all nights of our stay. The experience was magical and inspirational. The colours are so vibrant and range from green to blue to purple and even red and yellow. And they change rapidly, it is like someone poured a bottle of colourful liquid all over the sky. The colours dance and swirl through the sky creating beautiful patterns and disappearing at a moment notice. Which keeps you captivated and mesmerized.

Strong solar winds can cause disturbances in the magnetosphere altering the path of charged sun particles. Here the Northern Lights begin high up in the atmosphere as these particles change course and get trapped in the magnetic field of the earth. Resulting in the phenomena we know as Northern Lights.